Monday, February 21, 2011

Blending 2010 wines

Barbara & William tasting our 2010 wines
February- short and sweet. Despite the cold weather we've had a lot going on out here this month. William, Barbara and Chloe spent an afternoon tasting the 2011 wines and deciding how and what to blend. We'll bottle 6 or 7 wines in April and I'm excited about all of them! This year we have a dry Traminette, which is the grape varietal that makes our Lazy Day White and has a wonderful aroma. We also have a Chambourcin that is totally different from our 2009 vintage- a little heavier and more full-bodied. It will offer a nice contrast to our 2009 vintage. We've also got some Chambourcin on oak which has a nice chocolately flavor.

Artists mingle and discuss the various pieces
We've had several successful events this month. The UMES art exhibit was well attended, and everyone enjoyed the beautiful artwork. Brad Hudson, artist of several of our other labels, brought prints of the watermelon wine to sell and the winery purchased some lovely photography to display in the tasting room. 
Brad Hudson (second from left), professor of art at UMES and his students
Lovely decorations for the Sweetheart's Dinner!

Valentine's Day was celebrated at our Sweetheart's Dinner on February 12th, with a fabulous meal catered by Jimmie & Sook's of Cambridge. Filet mignon, chocolate pate, and Joe's Cool Red- what more can you ask for? 

Mark your calendars for happy hour in March- 1st & 3rd Fridays. William will offer a pruning session on March 5th for those of you interested in learning how to take care of backyard grapevines, or for anyone curious about what Janet and Nellie are doing all winter! $10 for the lesson and a glass of wine, please register in advance! 

We're also looking forward to the WineFest at St. Michaels- coming up in April. We might need volunteers so make sure you're on our volunteer list if you're interested in helping out!

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