Friday, November 18, 2011

Finally......a new blog!

Ok, so I have to start out by apologizing for the lack of blogs and updates the last few weeks....I could blame busy times, computer issues, event issues.....but alas, it is just writer's block getting in they way. Living the winery life every day, we tend to get used to the things happening around us, so when looking for new topics to update our adoring fans with, I seem to come up short. But as I was looking around the vineyard this morning, I thought...."Wow, everyone should know about this"....and with that, a renewed spirit was born! (Even though the spirit has been renewed, please don't expect amazing poetry from the writing....still pretty amateur).
I can't even begin to describe the changes in our vineyard! No longer than 2 weeks ago, I was giving a tour in the vineyard and the vines were lush(ok, so the weeds were the really lush part) and now it is barren! The vines are dying off at such a rapid rate, I can't believe it.  The frost that we have received a few times in the past two weeks has really sped up the process a bit.  I have been hounding our vineyard manager, Richard, for some updates on the vineyard to share. While he is a wealth of knowledge and can explain anything that happens in the winery and vineyard with the utmost confidence, getting him to write it down can be quite a chore! But, the story does have a happy ending folks...check out December's newsletter for a great update on the vineyard and what is coming up next!
Speaking of the monthly newsletter(insert segue here) did you notice the new feature, Ask the Winemaker? Our very own winemaker, William Layton, will be answering any question that you can come up with about the wine, the vineyard, the winery, and even Lazy Day Farms! Please send in your questions. Post them on Facebook, email them to, or make sure to stop in with your Ask the Winemaker question.  And of course, if you do not receive our monthly newsletters, please email to add your email address to our list!
Now as you know, Layton's Chance is not all about wine....but the wine is pretty great isn't it? We also take care of Lazy Day Farms. Once the grapes are all of the vine, and we can put that harvest to an end, there are 1200 acres of Lazy Day Farms to be harvested as well......yep, no rest for the weary around here. Isn't working at the winery glamorous? And you thought we sat around and drank wine all day(ok, that does happen some days!) Check below for a beauty shot of some of Lazy Day Farms finest.....soybeans that is.
I would play a game of "Guess what this is" but I think I gave it away already!

Well all, thank you again for your patience in cyberspace....we have to head back in and set up for Alex and Shiloh tonight(yes, this is the glamorous part!) Make sure you check our website for up to date happenings at the winery,, and please follow us on Facebook(we get so excited when we have a new Facebook follower, will that be you?)
See you next time!(And I promise it won't be too long!)