Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting closer

Fortunately the rain held off early in the week to give us some time to finish planting grapes. William and Joe planted all weekend and by Wednesday morning we completed the last few rows. It is completely satisfying to look out over what used to be a clear green field and see hundreds of little grape vines. We saved a few rows for our View of the Vineyard planting event in May (sign up here!), so others can experience the pleasure of planting.

Richard has his work cut out for him in the old vineyard, now that the planting is done. He did a full walk through on Thursday and is now following up with replacing dead vines, fixing the irrigation, mending the deer fence, and cursory pruning. The grapes are looking good and just yesterday put out the tiny buds which will soon become blossoms.

Laura and I had a wonderful meeting with a jewelry maker from Salisbury. She brought many samples of her craft and it was challenging to select a few pieces for our tasting room. We also sorted through t-shirt and polo shirt samples to be sure everyone's looking pretty on opening day.

We haven't seen much of Joe or Chuck this week as they've been out planting corn. William too, although he is still keeping a close eye on the winery. In fact, he's ready to start making more wine and we've got a new delivery of juice coming next week!

The winery passed its final building inspection yesterday and will soon be ready to welcome guests. We are waiting for the fire marshal to give us an occupancy permit, but all other permits have been successfully granted.

Stay connected with our website- we'll be updating it weekly to let you know what activities are happening at the winery!

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