Friday, April 9, 2010


While all of us were running around this week- getting the fields ready, driving posts in the vineyard, ordering signs and merchandise, and preparing invitations- the April sunshine was busy too. With its steady warmth, the sun persuaded our young buds to open up and start sending out new leaves!

Jen scored a major coup for us by booking Randy Lee Ashcraft to play during Grand Opening Weekend! She invited him via Facebook and he enthusiastically agreed to play from 5-8 on May 29th. We'll also have a Latin jazz duo earlier that day, from 1-4pm, and on Sunday we'll have a couple named Second Time Around playing from 2-5pm. It is going to be so much fun!

Work in the tasting room has also moved forward. The bar is being finished today and has a beautiful Layton's Chance leaf etched in the center. We had to repair some buckling in the floor but it looks (and feels) like that is taken care of. Our catering kitchen is waiting for a new refrigerator and needs to be straightened up a bit. And we finally hung our beautiful driftwood mirrors in the bathrooms. We are so pleased to use beautiful local crafts to decorate our winery.

Richard spent some solid days working in the new vineyard and we're happy to see only twelve rows left to drive posts in. Out of 68 rows, that's pretty impressive! Chuck does a great job of getting the tractor right where it needs to be, and the two make a good team. William or I covered for Chuck when he was needed to disk the cornfields, but I still need some practice on the tractor.

Upcoming Events:
-Artist Presentation Day is this Sunday, so come on by from 12-4 and show us your goods!
-Second Bottling Line will run Tuesday and Wednesday so come learn how it works from Mark Emon of St. Michael's

We've got 5 acres of Traminette and Vidal Blanc grapes to plant next week too- time to get our hands dirty!

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