Friday, May 7, 2010

Picnic and play!

Between the landscaping and the outdoor furniture, we've really spruced up the outside of the winery. We received some Adirondak and rocking chairs from Wright's Market, and positioned them perfectly for viewing the vineyard at sunset. We also have picnic tables and a children's playground so bring your family and stay for a while! The tasting room will have light snacks available daily and sandwiches on weekends, but people are welcome to bring picnic lunches of their own. Our wine goes well with everything, even Maryland blue crabs!

Exciting to us also is the arrival and set-up of our point of sale/cash register. In addition to wine we'll also offer goods from several local artists such as handmade jewelry, baskets, purses and pottery. We're even working with a soapmaker from Talbot County to make custom wine soaps! We also received a huge block of cheese from Chapel Creamery which we'll offer for our cheese plates.

Richard and Chuck finished driving posts in the new vineyard, so the next part will be putting up the cross beams. William is famous for his straight rows, and Richard has done pretty well following suit.

All the corn has been planted and the men are moving on to soybeans. The sunny weather of April has been extremely conducive to planting, so things moved along quickly.

On Tuesday a representative from the Dorchester Health Department paid a visit and helped us get our kitchen up to par. It was especially exciting for me because the inspector turned out to be a familiar face, one not seen for 15 years! The Layton's Chance community is wider and more encompassing than I could have imagined.

Laura and I have really been working on getting the tasting room ready and Barbara will come over this afternoon to help set up the displays. The wine racks are being delivered as we speak, and we'll have to get them filled and ready. There’s still plenty to do but we’re happy to be doing it!

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