Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

The Dog Days of Summer have begun!
Bring your loyal friends out to the winery on 2nd Sundays!
 Thank goodness for the rain last night! Joe and William have been cutting wheat all week while keeping an eye on the forecast for rain to keep the corn going. We got 1 inch last night which will definitely help stabilize things in the field. After they finish the wheat it'll be time to plant more soybeans.

Garland prunes Chambourcin vines
This week has gone by quickly...the vines are growing fast but the boys have been in the vineyard pruning (though Nellie & Janet are still the toughest pruners!) and it's about halfway finished. The grapes look good- small and green, and aren't suffering too much from the drought. Grapes actually do better with a little stress, growing deep roots to find water.

Claudia and Caitlyn get the event
room prepped for the weekend.
Inside the winery we are keeping busy with a summer full of good events. Coming up this weekend is "A Night in Margaritaville", where we'll play your favorite Jimmy Buffet tunes and drink Wine-A-Ritas: Margaritas with our Vidal Blanc white wine. Plus, Keith Graffius from Crabi Gras in Cambridge is bringing Buoy Bay Original Chesapeake Salsa- fresh and delicious and the first salsa produced in the Crabi Gras kitchen! Free entry and free samples! Don't forget your Hawaiian shirt!

We also have a special Father's Day Buffet on Sunday, from 12-3pm, catered by Jerry Fletcher. It'll be a great day to bring dad to the winery and let him relax with a glass of wine. Challenge him to some horseshoes or a game of volleyball, or just find a good spot on the porch to sit and enjoy. Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there!

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