Friday, January 22, 2010

Blending and Tasting!

Lots of good news to share this week!

We started the week on Sunday with a blending session. This is when we sample the wines and see how to bring out the best flavor of each wine. Our white wines, Vidal and Traminette, were delicious, but we added a little Niagara to the Traminette to bring out its frutiness. We'll make this into a semi-sweet wine, and the Vidal will be dry. The reds were good too, although we've been worried about the high acidity of the Chambourcin. We tasted it with a little Concord mixed in and it had a much more balanced flavor. Niagara is a wonderfully fragrant grape which makes it a perfect finishing touch for Joe's Cool Red, our sweet red wine.

The highlight of the afternoon was our Chambourcin blush, which we decided to leave as is. It has a delicate fruity flavor which, slightly sweetened, will be a highlight in our Tasting Room also. Plus we're proud to say that it's made from 100% Layton's Chance grapes, a true Estate wine for Dorchester County.

Other weekly updates: we sent out the first of our monthly newsletters (which you can view by clicking here). The electricians have adapted the wiring to fit the fixtures we picked out, and the countertops have been installed in the lab. We picked out most of our office equipment and will have that in soon. And we decided on the design of the bar for the tasting room, an elegant piece of red oak crafted by a local carpenter.

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