Thursday, March 18, 2010

Liquor license approved!

Whew! Another week has flown by. The sun came out on Tuesday so we spent the bulk of our time in the new vineyard. Just a few more rows to lay out (out of 68 total) and then the focus will be on driving posts.

We received good news on Monday when the Liquor Board approved our liquor license. We are now officially allowed to sell wine!

Chloe and Richard went to St. Michael's Winery on Tuesday to check out their bottling process. Mark Emon, one of the owners there, gave us a full tour and explained what we need to have for our own set-up. We'll be bottling on March 29, 30, 31 and on April 12, 13, 14. It's a complex procedure but if everything runs smoothly we'll end up with many beautiful bottles of wine. Come check it out if you're interested!

Laura met with several members of the Dorchester Retired Teachers Association to help organize their annual fundraiser. They're having a Wine Tasting Soirée here at Layton's Chance on June 18th, 7-10pm, to raise money for a scholarship fund that benefits Dorchester County high school students who pursue education careers. It's going to be a wonderful event, and we're really happy to have this as the first privately hosted event at the winery (although everyone is welcome to attend! Contact Barbara Bailey at 443-880-0746 to buy tickets!)

And finally, we have to announce that our new telephone has been installed. The new numbers are (410) 228-1205 for the office, and (410) 228-1210 for faxes. Everything seems to work well and we're ready to take your calls!

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