Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Tasks

Welcome back! We took a good look at what needs to be done to be ready for a May opening and I'd say we've got our work cut out for us. This week found me in the office mostly, staying warm while I researching our hardware and software needs. We're hoping to start sending out a newsletter this month so if you haven't signed up for our mailing list yet, make sure that you do (see the link on our homepage)!

It's time for more pruning in the vineyard. Grapevines produce hundreds of viable buds and shoots, so we have to prune them while they're in a dormant state to keep things in balance. Too much growth can quickly compromise the quality of the fruit and hardiness of the vines. Regardless, it is an arduous task that takes a careful eye, so we will be working on this for the next couple months. Richard got started earlier this week but the fierce winds made it tough to stay long outside.

Laura and Joe met with Governor O'Malley in a meeting on Maryland small business development. They gave a positive report and were pleased to have the chance to talk about opening Layton's Chance with other regional businesses and economic development officers.

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