Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year form the Laytons to all our great friends and family.  We look forward to seeing you all many times in the New Year of 2012.  Today is a typically busy Friday on the farm with Garland and Chuck working on equipment in the farm yard - gotta get ready for field work in the spring. Jennifer H. and Barbara are giving the tasting room a complete renovation.  Richard is helping them with hammer and saw.  Come in and ask him how he used his "Redneck ingenuity" for tasting room displays.  He is very proud of his handiwork.  Claudia is here to open the winery, and when she took one look at the revamping going on in the tasting room, she had one questions, "How"?
Joe is working in the office on production records for the last crop year - records he will use to plan his field work for the year ahead.  Laura is doing payroll and paying bills - as usual! Jon is being a liason between the farm work and the winery work, and generally doing whatever is asked of him. 
As those of you on Facebook know, Joe's cool Red has been an intergral part of Willam and Jen's trip to Hawaii.  Joe's Cool Red has been photographed on Diamond Head and a the Dole plantation, signed by Jack Hanna, and faithfully carried all over Honolulu, Waikiki, and Maui.  He has had a great trip!
As we said in our newsletter, Joe's Cool White is running low.  We bottle again in April, so we might be a few weeks without our companion to Joe's Cool Red.  Those of you who enjoy our "combine" might do well to come in and get a few bottles to stock up.  If you don't know what a combine is, come in any day and ask the server behind the bar. Combines have been very popular, especially during Happy Hour!  See you all soon!

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