Thursday, February 4, 2010

Painted walls!

As you can see, work in the winery is moving along quickly. There's paint on the walls in the tasting and event rooms, the bar base is set, and the brick mantle is in and ready to hold a pellet stove.

Happily for William, the lab is up and running. Steven and Alison have their own chemistry set in there so they can be like dad and do their own experiments. It's a relief for us to have a place to put all our equipment away. If you wonder what Richard's mixing up, it's Bentonite, clay from Ft. Benton, Wyoming, which pulls out sediment from the wine. We'll still have to filter it before bottling, of course.

We've also been working on our labels. It's quite a process, from designing a visually pleasing look to finding a printer who will work with our bottler. There's a lot of integration in this stage to make sure everything will go smoothly in April with the bottling lines.

A foot of snow cancelled school and the kids got to join in the fun at the winery. Check out our Facebook page for more photos. You can also see the interview with WCEI's Drake Ferguson. It'll be aired this spring on his morning radio program "Drake Around Town."

Other good news- We now have a functioning indoor toilet!

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