Friday, February 12, 2010

More snow...

For all our concerned readers, we have survived this week's snow barrage with no major problems. I think the final snowfall was more than 20"! Ravenwood Road, the main road between here and Rt. 50 wasn't plowed and Richard had trouble getting in yesterday. But then they spent two days plowing and digging out neighbors. It's good to have tractors when you're so far out in the country like this!

Earlier this week we met with a printer in Salisbury and arranged for our opening brochures to be printed. We are offering a gift certificate of a Tour and Tasting for 6 at the Dorchester YMCA Annual Gala, on March 6th. Their "Fun" Raiser is called the Wall of Wine- an event where participants have the chance to win a bottle of fine wine, donated by the community members. Or in our case, since our wine won't be ready in March, a special visit to the winery. If you want to get involved, stop by the Y with a bottle of wine or contact Katie Tolley for more info.

Down at the winery contractors are installing wood floors and it looks great. We're still waiting on a phone line and the rest of our computers (delayed due to the snowstorm). Maybe by the end of the month we'll be relocated. Fingers are crossed for an early spring!

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