Thursday, March 10, 2011

In like a lion...

Southside Land Management returns to
landscape the play area.

A giant windstorm earlier this month knocked our play-set clear into the woods. It blew away just as we prepared to lay the ground for a new one (MUCH sturdier!) which will be ready soon. Definitely by the time the weather brightens up and you'll be bringing the kids out to play!

John Hansen and his band, JohnE Wa2C
We had a great time at Happy Hour last Friday! JohnE Wa2C played a great show with lots of old favorites and plenty of raising glasses for his trademark "Salute!" We had one guest stand up and sing- it was beautiful! Hopefully he'll be back with friends for Karaoke on April 1st.

Our website is loaded with upcoming events- Happy Hour on March 18th with Chris English (awesome blues guitar!), and on March 22 we're hosting a cooking class at the winery where participants will learn about preparing menus around a favorite wine. Also check out the About Us segment of our website where we've added some new faces of the winery. Although you may have read about Taylor and Garland here, I've put up a little information about our two youngest workers- so have a look and say hello next time you're here!

Tundra swans flock to Vienna fields
The swans don't seem to mind the wind or the rain as they gather in large flocks on neighboring fields. Neither does the wheat that's coming up green and brightened the winter fields. All signs of Spring's eminent arrival...

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