Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pop's Shop Boys

As I came down the lane this morning I saw the beautiful scene of a tractor trailer in the parking lot, with William and Richard unloading 25 pallets of empty wine bottles. April 8th is coming soon and we've just about got everything ready. Bottles and capsules are here, corks will be here next week, and labels are on their way. 

We're bottling twice as much Lazy Day Rosé as last year which means that we'll have enough to sell at liquor stores and hopefully still last through next spring. The Rosé will be available shortly after bottling, however two of our dry wines- Chambourcin and Traminette- will need to sit in the bottle for a few weeks. Our Oaked Chambourcin will age 6 months before being available for sale.

Pop's Shop Boys-Garland, Richard, Taylor
The wines themselves are nearly ready too. Richard and the boys have been filtering this week- a messy task but fortunately they've got the right outfits for the job. Next is cold stabilization and a final filtering.  

Laura's been in Norfolk all week, helping her daughter relocate from Florida. We miss her in the office but I'm sure she's having fun taking care of her three little grandchildren! Fortunately Jen is at the winery full time now and it’s been great having her here!

Chris English plays
Happy Hour on 3/18
The weather has been conducive to Joe's work on the farm. All the wheat has been fertilized and is greening nicely. It's supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow so there’s another good day to work outside. 

We've had lots of visitors in the tasting room this week and we're all excited about Happy Hour tomorrow night! Barbara has doubled her recipe so we'll have PLENTY of chili for everyone. Did I mention it'll be 70 degrees? A beautiful day for music and wine on the front porch!

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