Friday, April 8, 2011

2010 Wines bottled today

Grey outside, but not in the winery!
 Why does it always rain on bottling day? Barbara told William this morning, "If you ever need rain in the middle of summer, just schedule a bottling!" That's ok, we've got coffee and the tasting room is warm and cozy so everyone is hanging out there while Landwirt gets the line set up. It wouldn't be a normal bottling day without everyone bundled up in sweatshirts, drinking hot coffee.

Chuck works hard stacking cases

Isn't it wonderful to say that- a normal bottling day? We've had 3 bottlings since our first one last March, and although we've got a better idea of what we're doing now, the excitement and anticipation hasn't faded a bit. William is directing the show, and we have several volunteers giving us a hand. And we're all excited for the new wines!
The production area was all dressed
up for the evening.

We hosted our first event for Layton's Chance Winos on Wednesday night and it went fabulously well! William gave a beautiful presentation about the production of our 2010 wines, followed by a tasting of each wine along with several of the 2009 vintages. Folks loved the new wines! We have a dry Traminette, made from the same grapes as Lazy Day White so it has the same citrus aroma but with a nice crisp flavor. There are two new Chambourcin wines, one oaked and one in stainless steel. Both of these are lovely, with deep, chocolate flavors in the Oaked Chambourcin and dark ripe berries in the 2010 Chambourcin. Finally, we are really excited to present Joe's Cool White! It's a deliciously sweet sister wine to Joe's Cool Red. Both Joe's Cool Red and Joe's Cool White will be bottled in May.

William admires the first bottle of
2010 Traminette
Upcoming events are posted on our website, and next week is a big one. Alex & Shiloh are coming from Salisbury for Happy Hour on Friday night. Saturday is our 3rd View of the Vineyard planting event- those who planted vines in 2009 might want to see how the vines have matured. The following weekend we're hosting a special Easter Egg Hunt- candy for the kids and wine for adults!

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