Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Activities!

Ok, it's officially the busy season! We've had a great week of warm weather (until today!) but we're happy to see people getting out and visiting the winery.
A beautiful afternoon for planting!

Last weekend we planted an acre of Chambourcin vines in our new vineyard. It was nice to get my hands dirty again, although the guys did the bulk of the planting. On Saturday the rain held off enough for some visitors to plant a vine at our 3rd Annual View of the Vineyard event- guests get to plant a vine and as then visit it as it grows up and bears fruit- and becomes wine!
Alison & Aunt Claudia getting eggs ready!

Most of the energy this week was getting ready for the Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow afternoon! We're expecting good weather and lots of kids so we've got plenty of stuffed eggs ready to hide around the vineyard. Some eggs have tickets for prizes- games and toys for kids and wine & chocolate for adults! No registration necessary, arrive by 2 to sign your young ones up for the hunts which will be separated by age groups. 1st hunt is at 2:30!

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