Friday, March 12, 2010

Wineries Unlimited

It's been beautiful all week, and we were finally able to get some work done in the new vineyard. We used the new laser to lay out straight rows and mark out the trellis posts. Then George, and later Chuck, manned the tractor while Richard drove in the posts. It's not only the nice weather that we need to take advantage of but the relative dryness of the field. If the field is too wet, the tractor will leave ruts that can collect water and harbor pests or disease that could harm the grapes.

Aside from Joe, everyone who wasn't working in the vineyard was at the Valley Forge Convention Center in Pennsylvania. The 4-day Wineries Unlimited conference and trade show held information sessions for new wineries, and shared new ideas from experts about wine industry issues. So many vendors were there that it was hard to know where to start, but everyone was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. It was incredible to see how many different products were relevant and useful to wineries, from bird netting to networking software to tote bags.

One thing we agreed upon was the desire to have local artists display products in our tasting room. We'll need table settings, wall art, cheese boards, and more, so if anyone is interested or knows someone with artistic talent interested in promoting their wares, please get in touch! Email or call 410-228-1205.

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