Friday, March 5, 2010

Moving week

Things are definitely moving around here. We're so happy to have Joe and Laura back, and as you can see in this picture, they're happy to be back. Much happier than they were on their cruise, where they spent two long and dreary weeks exploring the wild volcanic landscapes of Hawaii, complete with wild chickens and Rainbow trees.

But seriously, they're back just in time to join in the hustle and bustle of March.

The wines have all been filtered and are looking lovely and clear, not to mention that their flavors have developed nicely. We will filter once more before bottling but otherwise they are ready to go!

Mark Hubbard, a local carpenter, began installing the bar in the tasting room. He is building it from red oak which will will nicely suit the rustic barn decor. We also had a visit from some friends at the Maryland Small Business Development Center. They were positive about what we have so far, and they shared some advice for setting up the tasting room and retail area.

The office is in a transitional, yet workable stage. Joe has spent most of the past two days sorting and organizing folders and setting up the filing system. Laura has been running around taking care of all the important details- buying trashcans and soap for the bathrooms, printing checks, organizing the Farm Bureau banquet, bringing in office supplies, and helping Joe with the big move. Earlier today she exclaimed how excited she was for a "vacation" next week, at the 4 day Wineries Unlimited conference and trade show!

We received the equipment for the catering room and installed the sink and drain as required by the health department. The microwave and coffeemaker have been tested and function fine (as long as you bring filters!).

We're headed to Oxon Hill tomorrow for the Maryland Wineries Association and Maryland Grape Growers Association conference, and I'm definitely looking forward to meeting and talking to people from other wineries!

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